Thursday, January 31, 2013

Judgement Devalues Everything!

Judging is the root that creates all arguments and separation between us. We are all one and we are all humans and we make mistakes So What!? Mistakes helps us learn what our actions eventually become. People judge you based on mistakes but they do not notice what you have learned from it. This is very common in our society especially due to television programming of various degrading shows that portray how to judge people and their mistakes in life. We have to make our own way of thinking and living you can't follow everything from television. Just look at animals and children they do not judge each other for what they have done they enjoy the present moment with joy. They Do Not think and complicate everything, they Live Life to the fullest every moment. We have to learn from children and learn that happiness is in every moment we just have to choose it.  People judge to understand the situation or someone, who they are but they are thinking with a very narrow perspective because of the Ego. The Ego in your mind stops you and makes you doubt yourself all the time. You have to control your thoughts filter them through positive and love only. Always observe people and the world around you. never Judge there is too much going on that can't be seen. :)

Live in Love, 

    Miss Bond