Sunday, February 24, 2013

Robot No More !

We live for each other and among each other. When you think only your life matters, only your problems exist, you live in a delusion. Think singular and live as a single, but once you understand that we are all the same and we all have the same problems that's when you are enlightened. Our lives are bigger than us our purpose is bigger than us at this moment. Life as we know it is just but a blink of an eye. Do not become so rigid and so attached to your reality. There is so much more going on in the world which you are missing and you don't even know that you are apart of it. Open your eyes observe and listen more talk less. Stop judging everything because most likely your judgments are based on someone else's. So observe and understand life and all the beauty around you. You are not a robot you are Alive, feel and love everything in anything you do. 

Live in Love,

Miss Bond

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Do not Worry.

On February 15 2013 about 9:11 am (a little weird I know) a 10,000 ton meteor fell in Russia. This event has created a lot of anxiety and panic among us. People are not expressing the panic, they are becoming more disconnected to each other and living in fear. What the news did not say is that there were meteors that fell in New Jersey, California, and India. Everything happens for a reason, so please do not panic and live alone we are all feeling very anxious and depressed. The best and only thing we should be doing is staying connected with everyone call or text your loved ones let them know they are not alone. I right this blog for you and I am always here for you, I love you , all of you . Have an amazing day , live in love!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Food : Taste the World !

                We taste the world and feel different cultures, traditions and flavors through food. Isn't so amazing that you cam go downtown to a Thai restaurant and have a dish which is being served in Thailand! Our sense of taste and smell is very important , it connects us to our lives. You probably heard about when you listen to a particular song you remember the memories from the time you first heard the song, same as your sense of taste and smell. Culinary arts is a science of preparing food. Do you know that the way you cut any meat it will taste different when cooked? It's amazing just how many different ways you can cook anything, for example the chef wears a tall hat that has 100 pleats because there are 100 ways to cook an egg. Molecular Gastronomy is one of the most interesting type of food science which explains the physical and molecular transformation of food. This is very new style of cuisine and absolutely amazing how you can to breakdown a dish and put back together, and the dish will look like foam or glass but it will taste just like lemon or mango, etc. The culinary world is full of amazing chefs who are food scientists they can make an invention with combination of spices and method.  When you take that first bite of an amazing dish and it melts in your mouth, you forget about the world and melt away. Now that is living in the moment making every bite worth it, pure satisfaction. So go out and experience a different county or pure genius on a plate today!

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Thursday, February 14, 2013


                 Love is everything, it makes the world go Round.  Do you know that your body has a vibrational force? We all have a gravitational pull and magnetic pull just like the earth. We mirror the earth our bodies have   73% water similar to land to water ratio on earth. Isn't that just so amazing! We are all connected, our thoughts, emotions, vibrations interconnect even down to the electrons in our cells. When we feel love for another everyone around us can feel it too ! Do you know that some of your electrons are revolving around you from miles away? Think about everyone's electrons revolving around us we live in electron clouds and don't even know it since we can't see it. Your thoughts and feelings have vibrations within our bodies and they affect others and the world. Love is the highest vibration and you will feel unconditional love for yourself and everyone else. So why not Love today? Understand and observe just how jealousy, greed, selfishness are not keys to happiness. Start by controlling your own thoughts whenever you feel jealousy or other negative thoughts quickly dismiss them. Observe yourself understand why you had those feeling but do not continue to act on those thoughts, you will only be unhappy and live in the lower vibration. Build a happy positive attitude and exercise your mind to achieve anything you want in life. Act on love show appreciation to every nice, sweet gesture for example show love to the man or woman who opens a door for you. You may never see them again but they are your fellow human being just like you and be happy that they are alive standing by you. So share a smile and feel the love within and trust me they will feel the love too. I love you all and this beautiful world we live in.

Live in Love,

Miss Bond

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Do you Know YOU?

             We are infinite consciousness having a human experience. Think about what this means on a scientific level, a spiritual level, and psychological level. Yes this is not written or explained in any religion and I think its not provided since religion has been a tool for control by the world governments. Religion only provides some common sense but keeps you very submissive and controlled. We are humans our emotions and feelings can't be  controlled they define who we are. Infinite consciousness is about all the different intentions and dreams you have, this comes from within you, you have a consciousness in every dimension and there are infinite dimensions. We live in the fourth dimension slowly shifting into the fifth dimension, what this means is that your thoughts and dreams will manifest easily when you direct all of your intentions on them. Your body is only physical its a vehicle for this life, but what you really look is an amazing energy ball full of love and wonder like the Sun. Your energy is all that is you love, intelligence, power and your thoughts and feelings are based on your true energy. You have total control over your reality its just that you never have been taught how to or that you have the power to. This information has been suppressed and locked away from the general public due to control by the governments, the card they play is divide and conquer and they do it well. The day everyone understands that we are perfect and intelligent beings and we have total control over our lives We will be free and a perfect world will manifest!

Live in Love,
Miss Bond 

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Living Alone.

               Right now people are more lonely then ever and what has isolated all of us is Technology. We have unlimited resource of knowledge through the internet in the palms of our hands with cell phones, tablets, or laptops. Do you know one person who does not have a cellphone I don't think so. Before these technological advances everyone had to stop by the library and find information physically now it's instant through the world wide web. Our young generations are not learning appreciation since they never had to work hard for information. People do not utilize the internet to the fullest, you can find just about anything on google or youtube. We can learn so much from the web,  you cab learn how to cook, run a business, make jewelry, anything you can think of. The internet connects people instantly by email and facebook but we have become more alone then ever. People seek out enjoyment more than facing problems and fixing them and the internet is being used primarily for an escape for entertainment. People work then  go home to get on the laptop and turn on  the smart tv and forget about their world. This is why people are alone and they develop social and psychological problems and depression. We are not learning valuable life lessons from our elders and not really living our own life since we can watch someone else's on the internet or TV. We are in a depression millions of people are unemployed this is affecting all of us!  We are not proactively working to fix our problems as a society instead we are waiting for someone else or the "government" to fix it. When will people wake up and see that we are all having the same problems money, social issues, education and alot more due to technology. I hope not for the worst but I feel sometimes if people do not wake up something far more devastating has to happen to bring people together. We need to come together and face our problems together right now! This this my main purpose for this blog to wake people and help everyone come together with love and overcome our problems Together!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Love is All that Matters !

Magic is real ! I say this because I believe that love is magic, love makes everything amazing. When your in love you wake up everyday excited to live, everything feels amazing. Even food tastes better when your lin love. This feeling lasts for every short time in a relationship I call it the honey moon stage the first two to three months. Then it slowly dies off this happens because people get bored quick and you can blame it on this fast pace world we live in. But to make this feeling last you have to work on it! Act on the feeling everyday show much you love your significant other every day. Girls love compliants , tell her she looks beautiful, gorgeous, amazing every day. When people are together for a long time they start to judge each other that's when they start fighting. Do not judge accept them for who they are! Now that's my advice for love in a relationship. But did you know that once you start loving yourself that's when the fun begins? You are beautiful, amazing, intelligent just as you are! Trust yourself to grow as an individual every thing happens for a reason. Have confidence in everything that happens to you , it does not matter that its negative or positive. The experience may feel bad but it happened to teach you something about yourself. Learn to love yourself today and you will see that life becomes amazing to live!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

What is a Dream?

Is it Prophetic? Is it just a mix of everything we think about when we are awake? Is it a channel to another universe or a parallel reality? No one really knows only you can decide what it means to you. We use only 15% - 20% of our brain capacity when we are conscious but our subconscious works 100% of the brain. So when we fall asleep do we unlock into the subconscious use all of our brain? Maybe, I have had prophetic, really intense dreams that feels so real and vivid. Many dreams of mine were about my life in a different time like 1800's or 1920's , like I had a family in Morocco in 1620's I know this because I found a picture of the architecture from that time online and it was the same! I had a few dreams that foretold the events of the following day just as I saw it in my dream for example; I dreamt that my best friend came to my birthday and he wore a black polo with khakis and the next day it was my party and he came. I didn't even know that he was coming that night it really baffled me. Sometimes we dream of scary or really disgusting things like feces, earthquake, or a ghost these have a different meaning in the dream world. Like feces or fishes mean for good luck and wealth. There are online dream dictionaries like Dream Moods. I advise you to read and understand the websites that have a lot of detail and interpretations. I feel that dreams are very powerful and we should concentrate learning while we sleep. There are ways to control your dream and channel your dream to a different time or place to explore. Remote View check it out! If we can unlock 100% of our brain while we sleep then why not!?!  Feel free to share your dreams and your findings. Sweet Dreams Everybody :)

Read this Book :)

Live in Love ,

Miss Bond 

Friday, February 1, 2013

Live Right Now !

Live in the present enjoy every moment of your life. Smell the flowers, look at the clouds move slowly like its floating on water. Feel everything love, excitement, sadness, and fear. But never get stuck in those feelings and your past. Live and feel right now because you are alive right now. People often get stuck on a mistake or a bad feeling from yesterday and they don't understand that this creates unhappiness and ultimately depression. We have to move on and Let go so you feel what the world is showing you next! And that is the recipe to happiness : feel, accept, observe and let go ! The world is always changing and so is the weather so why not change with the World. :) 


Miss Bond