Friday, February 8, 2013

Love is All that Matters !

Magic is real ! I say this because I believe that love is magic, love makes everything amazing. When your in love you wake up everyday excited to live, everything feels amazing. Even food tastes better when your lin love. This feeling lasts for every short time in a relationship I call it the honey moon stage the first two to three months. Then it slowly dies off this happens because people get bored quick and you can blame it on this fast pace world we live in. But to make this feeling last you have to work on it! Act on the feeling everyday show much you love your significant other every day. Girls love compliants , tell her she looks beautiful, gorgeous, amazing every day. When people are together for a long time they start to judge each other that's when they start fighting. Do not judge accept them for who they are! Now that's my advice for love in a relationship. But did you know that once you start loving yourself that's when the fun begins? You are beautiful, amazing, intelligent just as you are! Trust yourself to grow as an individual every thing happens for a reason. Have confidence in everything that happens to you , it does not matter that its negative or positive. The experience may feel bad but it happened to teach you something about yourself. Learn to love yourself today and you will see that life becomes amazing to live!