Sunday, February 3, 2013

What is a Dream?

Is it Prophetic? Is it just a mix of everything we think about when we are awake? Is it a channel to another universe or a parallel reality? No one really knows only you can decide what it means to you. We use only 15% - 20% of our brain capacity when we are conscious but our subconscious works 100% of the brain. So when we fall asleep do we unlock into the subconscious use all of our brain? Maybe, I have had prophetic, really intense dreams that feels so real and vivid. Many dreams of mine were about my life in a different time like 1800's or 1920's , like I had a family in Morocco in 1620's I know this because I found a picture of the architecture from that time online and it was the same! I had a few dreams that foretold the events of the following day just as I saw it in my dream for example; I dreamt that my best friend came to my birthday and he wore a black polo with khakis and the next day it was my party and he came. I didn't even know that he was coming that night it really baffled me. Sometimes we dream of scary or really disgusting things like feces, earthquake, or a ghost these have a different meaning in the dream world. Like feces or fishes mean for good luck and wealth. There are online dream dictionaries like Dream Moods. I advise you to read and understand the websites that have a lot of detail and interpretations. I feel that dreams are very powerful and we should concentrate learning while we sleep. There are ways to control your dream and channel your dream to a different time or place to explore. Remote View check it out! If we can unlock 100% of our brain while we sleep then why not!?!  Feel free to share your dreams and your findings. Sweet Dreams Everybody :)

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Live in Love ,

Miss Bond