Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Do you Know YOU?

             We are infinite consciousness having a human experience. Think about what this means on a scientific level, a spiritual level, and psychological level. Yes this is not written or explained in any religion and I think its not provided since religion has been a tool for control by the world governments. Religion only provides some common sense but keeps you very submissive and controlled. We are humans our emotions and feelings can't be  controlled they define who we are. Infinite consciousness is about all the different intentions and dreams you have, this comes from within you, you have a consciousness in every dimension and there are infinite dimensions. We live in the fourth dimension slowly shifting into the fifth dimension, what this means is that your thoughts and dreams will manifest easily when you direct all of your intentions on them. Your body is only physical its a vehicle for this life, but what you really look is an amazing energy ball full of love and wonder like the Sun. Your energy is all that is you love, intelligence, power and your thoughts and feelings are based on your true energy. You have total control over your reality its just that you never have been taught how to or that you have the power to. This information has been suppressed and locked away from the general public due to control by the governments, the card they play is divide and conquer and they do it well. The day everyone understands that we are perfect and intelligent beings and we have total control over our lives We will be free and a perfect world will manifest!

Live in Love,
Miss Bond