Sunday, February 17, 2013

Food : Taste the World !

                We taste the world and feel different cultures, traditions and flavors through food. Isn't so amazing that you cam go downtown to a Thai restaurant and have a dish which is being served in Thailand! Our sense of taste and smell is very important , it connects us to our lives. You probably heard about when you listen to a particular song you remember the memories from the time you first heard the song, same as your sense of taste and smell. Culinary arts is a science of preparing food. Do you know that the way you cut any meat it will taste different when cooked? It's amazing just how many different ways you can cook anything, for example the chef wears a tall hat that has 100 pleats because there are 100 ways to cook an egg. Molecular Gastronomy is one of the most interesting type of food science which explains the physical and molecular transformation of food. This is very new style of cuisine and absolutely amazing how you can to breakdown a dish and put back together, and the dish will look like foam or glass but it will taste just like lemon or mango, etc. The culinary world is full of amazing chefs who are food scientists they can make an invention with combination of spices and method.  When you take that first bite of an amazing dish and it melts in your mouth, you forget about the world and melt away. Now that is living in the moment making every bite worth it, pure satisfaction. So go out and experience a different county or pure genius on a plate today!

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