Saturday, February 9, 2013

Living Alone.

               Right now people are more lonely then ever and what has isolated all of us is Technology. We have unlimited resource of knowledge through the internet in the palms of our hands with cell phones, tablets, or laptops. Do you know one person who does not have a cellphone I don't think so. Before these technological advances everyone had to stop by the library and find information physically now it's instant through the world wide web. Our young generations are not learning appreciation since they never had to work hard for information. People do not utilize the internet to the fullest, you can find just about anything on google or youtube. We can learn so much from the web,  you cab learn how to cook, run a business, make jewelry, anything you can think of. The internet connects people instantly by email and facebook but we have become more alone then ever. People seek out enjoyment more than facing problems and fixing them and the internet is being used primarily for an escape for entertainment. People work then  go home to get on the laptop and turn on  the smart tv and forget about their world. This is why people are alone and they develop social and psychological problems and depression. We are not learning valuable life lessons from our elders and not really living our own life since we can watch someone else's on the internet or TV. We are in a depression millions of people are unemployed this is affecting all of us!  We are not proactively working to fix our problems as a society instead we are waiting for someone else or the "government" to fix it. When will people wake up and see that we are all having the same problems money, social issues, education and alot more due to technology. I hope not for the worst but I feel sometimes if people do not wake up something far more devastating has to happen to bring people together. We need to come together and face our problems together right now! This this my main purpose for this blog to wake people and help everyone come together with love and overcome our problems Together!