Thursday, February 14, 2013


                 Love is everything, it makes the world go Round.  Do you know that your body has a vibrational force? We all have a gravitational pull and magnetic pull just like the earth. We mirror the earth our bodies have   73% water similar to land to water ratio on earth. Isn't that just so amazing! We are all connected, our thoughts, emotions, vibrations interconnect even down to the electrons in our cells. When we feel love for another everyone around us can feel it too ! Do you know that some of your electrons are revolving around you from miles away? Think about everyone's electrons revolving around us we live in electron clouds and don't even know it since we can't see it. Your thoughts and feelings have vibrations within our bodies and they affect others and the world. Love is the highest vibration and you will feel unconditional love for yourself and everyone else. So why not Love today? Understand and observe just how jealousy, greed, selfishness are not keys to happiness. Start by controlling your own thoughts whenever you feel jealousy or other negative thoughts quickly dismiss them. Observe yourself understand why you had those feeling but do not continue to act on those thoughts, you will only be unhappy and live in the lower vibration. Build a happy positive attitude and exercise your mind to achieve anything you want in life. Act on love show appreciation to every nice, sweet gesture for example show love to the man or woman who opens a door for you. You may never see them again but they are your fellow human being just like you and be happy that they are alive standing by you. So share a smile and feel the love within and trust me they will feel the love too. I love you all and this beautiful world we live in.

Live in Love,

Miss Bond