Saturday, April 27, 2013


Who is God ? Or What is God ? The centuries old questions are yet to be understood but the many have labels for God. Let's start organized religions they view God as the one to fear and submit yourself so you can be saved. Then it leaks into politics they use this fear to control and segregate people of different religious affiliations. I believe in a higher power or the source, which all of us are connected to. An ultimate energy of pure love and once you realize that you are perfect right now and you don't have to be saved. Yes you've made mistakes and you've learned from them. To say that God judges you and you will go to hell for your mistakes is a pathetic excuse for control. This is a part of a control structure created by man promoted through fear to control the masses. I don't know why people think that God judges, but isn't that a human response. If we do not make mistakes how are you going to learn and explore the world and live without Fear. God is all love a energy source which has no human thoughts. Love is the highest vibration of energy in this universe and I believe God is this love source. The energy and vibrations of love is everywhere and inside all of us and so is God ! W e are all one! Separation is an illusion! If you ask god one question, he would reply "you've got me all wrong." -from the movie Conversations with God.




Saturday, April 20, 2013

Materialism: Seed of Destruction!

                This is collective thought that came together one morning. This maybe straight forward and very blunt, but take it as an advice and truth from Someone Who Loves ALL of You, I really DO !!!

Materialism is a way of life which is promoted by all media and movies, and these are controlled by the 1% wealthiest people on earth. For all who has adopted this life style has literally opened the door to money worshiping and love for only the material. This is one big reason why relationships do not work out these days. We love our damn cellphones, cars, houses etc. Instead of loving Each Other, which makes all of us stand Alone. This is exactly what the 1 percenters want, because divide and conquer is the card they are playing. So it's up to you people to wake up and pay attention to what and whom is destroying our happiness, freedom and our world as we know it !

Youtube is a great place to search for material that is not filtered by them. Take a Look, Seek the Truth! It's Time to Wake Up!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

A little inspiration :)

LOVE yourself and everything you do ! 
Your thoughts create your reality!
Live in Love,
Miss Bond

Monday, April 8, 2013

SAY YES !!!!!

               Be a Yes Man or a Yes Woman! Saying yes to new opportunities will give you a new life with endless possibilities. You will have new experiences in life, Isn't that what life is A big experience? When you say yes to the world around you, you are saying Yes to Life. More and More you say yes you will change and become who you always wanted to be. You will feel centered and grounded within yourself, this will help become independent and successful in your life. When we were children we looked at the world with joy and excitement, why let mistakes and doubt hold you back from living. Make every decision with love and positivity for your self and others and have the most optimism for the outcome. Enjoy your Life, Live to the Fullest !