Saturday, April 20, 2013

Materialism: Seed of Destruction!

                This is collective thought that came together one morning. This maybe straight forward and very blunt, but take it as an advice and truth from Someone Who Loves ALL of You, I really DO !!!

Materialism is a way of life which is promoted by all media and movies, and these are controlled by the 1% wealthiest people on earth. For all who has adopted this life style has literally opened the door to money worshiping and love for only the material. This is one big reason why relationships do not work out these days. We love our damn cellphones, cars, houses etc. Instead of loving Each Other, which makes all of us stand Alone. This is exactly what the 1 percenters want, because divide and conquer is the card they are playing. So it's up to you people to wake up and pay attention to what and whom is destroying our happiness, freedom and our world as we know it !

Youtube is a great place to search for material that is not filtered by them. Take a Look, Seek the Truth! It's Time to Wake Up!