Tuesday, March 5, 2013

What is beautiful?

           In these strange times it is deemed beautiful to be skinny as a skeleton. Is it because our cameras are so advanced that the pictures make you look bigger? But photoshop can do everything so why does the models have to be so deadly skinny? I don't know. This way of thinking has pushed girls to have Anorexia and Bulimia. These are dangerous sicknesses in the mind, makes girls starve themselves to death because they think they are not skinny enough. These mental illnesses are developed because of our society and the media brain washing everyone to think that a girl is only beautiful if she looks like a starving child from a third world country and with a mean, nasty attitude. In which I mean they portray in most movies and television shows that the leading actress is like a "bitch," money hungry, and has very little manners not lady like at all. This is why our children and teenagers have become so disrespectful and dumbed down. Even girls as young as 7 think they are ugly since they don't look skinny like the models in the magazines. What has our world come to ?  Why does this continue? It's probably because everyone is accepting this as normal and  casting a blind eye to all the damage in our communities. There are so many different cultures and races in the America and our bodies frames varies so much because It's based on our DNA from our parents. In some cultures girls have really large frames, very strong and masculine features. How is it fair to compare these girls to another family from across the world who's family is small and petite. So many beautiful girls from different cultures feel alienated because of the skinny model mentality.
           Let's go back in time and look at Marylin Monroe, she so beautiful and amazing her essence is caught in every picture. She was not skinny at all she had curves and she had imperfections. That didn't stop her, she knew how beautiful her soul was you can see in her mannerisms and smiles. Therefore, Embrace your everything about yourself and the imperfections because that's what makes you beautiful and unique. There's is no one else like you in this world, there is only one You on earth. We are all beautiful and Amazing just the way we are. When you accept that you are truly amazing and beautiful just watch yourself transform into the person you always wanted to be. The Beauty within is more powerful and ignites the fire in your soul. Your eyes will glisten like stars and your smile will embody the love in your heart. Wake up and see just how
beautiful you Are !

Live in Love,

Miss Bond