Monday, February 10, 2014

Earth's Future!

                 What if animals were able to speak to us, what would they voice ? How about the destruction of Rainforests which used to cover 14% of earth which has forced extinction on hundreds of species. How about the millions of tons of pollution we have dumped into the ocean and the air destroying the earth's atmosphere, ocean reefs and melting of the polar ice caps. How about hunting all animals for demeaning material possessions  like purses, boots, and anything worth a quick buck. What about some Respect they live on earth just as we do, since they can't talk and say No they are ignored and abused. It's up to you to change your mentality and take responsibility of being a human and a neighbor to all  beautiful living beings on earth!
It's time for us to change or Earth will cease to Exist!

Things you Can do to Make a Difference Today !