Friday, April 17, 2015

Free Energy and Evolution

                 There is free energy in thin air because air is made of nitrogen and oxygen, and small amounts of argon and carbon dioxide. Each of these elements have energy and magnetic fields, and we can harness this energy for every day use. Nikola Tesla is the most revolutionary scientist ever lived tested and invented energy machines and his invention is like a energy grid that connects all of the surface of the earth. That means you can put a light bulb in the grass outside in the lawn and it will light up! Think about what this can do for us and our future , we would finally have a self sustained economy all over the world. We would not have to slave to pay for bills anymore, poverty would end over night. Then we, human kind can finally focus on important matters like : space travel, time travel, travel through dimensions, mortality, free education, use of 100% of the human brain, spirituality, unconditional love, oneness. Humanity is due for an evolution but it will take a revolution to galvanize evolution! It's time to Evolve! 

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